Beaverton Valley Times | Audio and Video included in article

Two longtime experts in the PERS crisis, Allen Alley and Tim Nesbit, explain how the state got to where it is.

On Thursday, June 13, the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce hosted a breakfast discussion of the Public Employees Retirement System, or PERS, featuring guest speakers Allen Alley and Tim Nesbitt.

Both Allen Alley and Tim Nesbitt served, at different times, as chiefs of staff to Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski. Alley is an Oregon businessman who has run unsuccessfully for state treasurer and governor. Nesbitt is a longtime union leader in the state.

The presentation is a master class on the thorny issue of dealing with the unfunded liability of PERS; about how the state got to where it is; and why or why not the legislation signed into law by Gov. Kate Brown earlier this month will help; Nesbitt called the legislation “a good first step,” while Alley called it almost meaningless.

Watch the 24minute video here