February 28, 2019

Dear Oregon Legislators,

Some Democrats are calling it “the inconvenient truth.” Across the aisle, it’s viewed as a ticking time bomb that will eventually blow up in the face of the Democrats.

We believe the rising PERS costs are an urgent problem for all of us and that its solution will require partnership and compromise across the political spectrum.

Welcome to PERS Solutions for Public Services – www.PERSsolutions.org

Only you, as lawmakers, have the power to meet the challenge of PERS reform. No school board, no city council nor any county commission can do anything on their own to rein in the rising costs of the system. It is up to you and your colleagues to protect the vital services that will otherwise be consumed by PERS’ increasing liabilities, now amounting to more than $15,000 for every Oregon household.

For these reasons, we are pleased to be able to share with you a compilation of what we consider to be sensible approaches to PERS reform. These “Seven Sensible PERS Solutions” are offered for your consideration by a bipartisan group of public service advocates, including former Governor Ted Kulongoski.

With or without new revenue, we will need to moderate the rapidly rising claims of PERS on public budgets if we have any hope of “doing more with more” for students in our classrooms and for Oregonians who rely on state and local services for their safety, health and well-being.

Take a look at our new website, PERSsolutions.org. We hope you will find it helpful and informative.


Tim Nesbitt
Interim Executive Director
PERS Solutions for Public Services

Sal Peralta
Interim Deputy Director
PERS Solutions for Public Services

P.S. View our press release on this new effort here.