Key Supporters

Governor Ted Kulongoski

Governor Ted Kulongoski

“The rising cost of the PERS retirement program means that all Oregonians, young and old alike, will pay a heavy price in terms of the quality of our individual lives and the ability of our government to provide essential services for all of our citizens.  There must be a bipartisan effort to find solutions to the PERS problem that are fair for taxpayers and public employees alike.

Ted Kulongoski served as Oregon’s 36th Governor.

Betty Komp

Betty Komp

“When growing up in the 1950’s each family member contributed to the future of our farm. Some siblings did farm chores and I cooked meals, took care of the babies and other household chores. We all contributed to the immediate and future success of the farm. Giving our skills and funds we earned is called being responsible. Employees should contribute to their future financial security.”

Betty Komp, Chair of Board of Directors, Western Oregon University; former member of the Oregon House of Representatives (2004-2017)

Cece Koontz

Cec Koontz

“Young people who have successfully navigated challenges to become graduates of our fine public universities deserve to start their futures without crushing student debt, and to live as citizens of communities that are vibrant and provide the very best public services we can afford to offer.
We have a PERS problem. We need solutions that are fair and responsible – and we can’t wait.”

Monmouth Mayor, Western Oregon University Board of Directors

Greg MacPherson

“It is tragic that during a strong economy Oregon finds itself cutting essential services in order to pay for past mistakes with PERS.  We must take reasonable steps to rein in runaway costs while continuing to assure our public employees a secure retirement.  PERS Solutions maps the way forward.”

Former State Representative, farmer and retired pension lawyer
Rob Harris

Rob Harris

“Recent court opinions have given us a guide to reducing PERS costs while honoring our contractual obligations to public employees. We need to follow through with sensible solutions for the good of our schools, taxpayers, and even current public employees who will otherwise face budget cuts and layoffs without reforms.”

Rob is founder and Managing Partner at Harris Velázquez Gibbens.  He has worked as a Municipal Court Judge and as a Washington County Deputy District attorney. He has served on the Washington County Commission on Children & Families and Hillsboro Library Foundation Board.

Dr. Mark Mulvihill

Dr. Mark S. Mulvihill

“The PERS situation has become a crisis in our schools. With PERS averaging approximately 30% of payroll costs, local boards and administration face a constant uphill battle in providing quality educational programs. Oregonians have a long history of coming together for the betterment of our state. We need to deal with the escalating PERS costs now.”

InterMountain ESD Superintendent

Kelly Bissinger

Mr. Kelly Bissinger

“I have been in the financial planning business for 43 years. As a veteran school board chairman, I’ve personally witnessed the strain on school budgets due to escalating PERS costs. We need to find a way to honor previous commitments to our hard-working employees, yet find a way to make sound financial changes moving forward.”

Vice-Chair, InterMountain ESD School Board